Get Faster Speeds on the Samsung Galaxy S II using AT&T

speedtest sgs2

Yes, another Samsung Galaxy S II story even though most of us still have to wait it out to get one in these parts! It’s such a great device though, we can’t help it! Developers must feel the same way because here’s another hack you can do on a Galaxy S II using ATT to get yourself some faster data speeds, if you’re lucky enough to have one now, or if you’re getting one when its available in the US or Canada.

XDA member locust43 found the correct settings to edit the APN settings which more or less govern the speeds on the device, making it easy for you to increase them. Back your APN up first in case you need to change back. You can follow the guide here.

It’s good to know these things before buying one right?

[via xda-developers]

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