Samsung Galaxy S Darky v5.6 Gingerbread Edition with Nexus S themes

Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 Android 2.2.1 XXJPU Flashing Darky v5.6 (Upgrade from v5.5) Gingerbread Edition ROM with Nexus S Boot Screen. Clean Install :- 1. Download/Install Stock XXJPU 2.2.1 :- 2. Download/Install ClockWorkMod Recovery : – 3. Download/Install Darky’s v5.6 ROM :- All instructions and guides can be found on official Darky’s thread here :- p/s: Video captured by HTC Desire HD
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. mib5896 says:

    how do u change theme

  2. demlac65 says:

    The kid is playing captain claw in the background?:))

  3. GramTV24h says:


  4. EatMahSkittles says:

    @syb3r456 thx bruh :)

  5. syb3r456 says:

    @EatMahSkittles no u dont. The new version 6.0 is based on JPX, the newest and smoothest 2.2.1. Voodoo is deactivated by default and to honest, u don’t need it anymore :)

  6. EatMahSkittles says:

    @anakrantau2u so i dont need to install any lag fix?

  7. anakrantau2u says:

    @EatMahSkittles yes voodoo lagfix included but disable by default on Darky v5.6
    some said that Samsung manage to implement their own lagfix in Stock XXJPU android 2.2.1 which becoming the base of Darky’s 5.6 clean install.

  8. EatMahSkittles says:

    lag fix included?

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